World City Links provides international curriculum exchanges and school twinning visits in China and Thailand for UK primary and secondary schools. 


Since 2001, we have taken more than 1,500 school students to the Far East. All of our projects involve our students visiting partner schools and learning with students of the same age.

For secondary schools the normal programmes last one week, and includes at least three days learning and visiting the partner school with the emphasis on sharing lessons and experiences with students of the same age group. This leads to an unforgettable educational, cultural experience and friends for life.

Many students take up the learning of Mandarin and carry on communication via email and video conferencing. Students often stay in touch and visit each other long after the visit.

Students stay in 5* accommodation in the centre of the city, within a short walking distance of many of the main tourist sites. On programmes to Beijing, students also have the opportunity to visit the Great Wall.

For Primary School students we have an offer for parents to accompany their children to China and visit the partner schools.

To find out more about specific programmes for primary schools, click here and to find out more about programmes for secondary schools, click here.

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