Chinese Language Courses.

Extend your curriculum, offer a world language and start to understand a major culture. World City Links is now offering a 10 lesson multi media introductory Chinese language course for Primary school students.

Each lesson has a theme, for example food, names, festivals. Each lesson consists of 1/3 teacher led, 1/3 multi media and 1/3 student speaking and are specifically designed to be fun and interactive. Every lesson also covers some Geography and History.

Our language assistants are specially trained to make the lessons as enjoyable as possible and to encourage the students to learn vocabulary between lessons.

At the end of the 10 lessons there is competition to find the best speaker of Chinese and a prize awarded.
Each language assistant will be in your school 1 day per week, with up to 5 hours contact time. The cost is similar to a teaching assistant.

World City Links has been active since 2006 and since then has taken over 150 headteachers and teachers to China and Thailand.

Each language assistant has been fully DBS checked and has a visa which allows them to work. 

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