International experience.

We offer a diverse range of international work experience programmes in China and they are some of the most exciting, demanding and valuable experiences you can have.

Participating in one of the programmes will enhance your CV, enable you to develop new and vital skills whilst giving you a unique insight into the second largest and fastest growing economy in the world.

The programme is the ideal preparation for building a global network in your chosen field. We can offer work experience in a large vocational college in Beijing and visits to local businesses. The following fields are offered: Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Fashion, Engineering, Business and Enterprise.

As the capital of China, Beijing is a city full of history, culture, ancient monuments as well as cutting edge architecture, excellent restaurants and vibrant nightlife. Typically, interns are ambitious and outgoing people with a keen sense of adventure.


We offer one week’s work experience in a college and in companies in the ICT, Fashion, Engineering, Business and Enterprise sectors. You could intern at a large multi-national or a smaller Chinese company.

Our specialised staff will make sure you are happy and enjoy your stay in Beijing. Whatever sector your internship is in, it will give you unrivalled experience of Chinese work culture and society and give you new skills to use in your studies and chosen career path.