Catering Programmes.

World City Links offers the opportunity for students to learn oriental culinary skills from expert tutors in China and Thailand through our two unique and certified programmes.


We offer a 40 hour Imperial Chinese Cuisine course in one of Beijing’s top catering colleges. The tutors and Master Chef deliver expert practical tuition on the historic classics of Chinese cuisine.

The catering facility is brand new, with state of the art equipment and each UK student is supported through the course by a local student. Students learn about techniques and styles as they make a total of 10 dishes – each one from a different region of China.

There is a practical test at the end of the course and students demonstrate their newly acquired skills by producing one of the following dishes for judging – Kung Pao Chicken, Spicy Sichuan Beef Noodles and Sweet and Sour Pork. Accommodation is provided on the college campus in a brand new hotel facility.


We offer both 40 hour and 60 hour courses at one of the leading and award winning university catering departments in Thailand.

Students learn to cook a menu of 16 dishes of Thai classics and are taught age-old, authentic trade secrets, providing them with unique skills to add to their repertoire.

The University is located in central Bangkok and students stay in the hotel on the campus. Visits to local restaurants and markets are also included. Full Health and Safety audits are provided to participating colleges.

Feedback from students on both these courses is excellent with many highlighting the contribution that participating has helped to create a standout CV with a specialised skills set. Both of these programmes are unforgettable culinary and cultural experiences.