Further Education.

Since 2001, World City Links has managed programmes for school students, skills programmes for vocational students, and productive and meaningful internships for college and university students.

We are the managing partner for the London – Beijing Skills partnership, which involved curriculum partnership and sharing good practice vocational education between the Olympic cities of London and Beijing across 20 different colleges and skills areas.

We offer international professional development programmes for UK based FE lecturers and support partnerships between UK and China. We also offer curriculum partnerships between colleges in the UK and China, Thailand and Brazil. Furthermore, we support FE colleges with their international recruitment and branding overseas.

Additionally, our staff in Brazil, China and Thailand have colleges and universities that are looking for training in the UK, curriculum partnerships, student travel and recruitment.


We also offer three different International Skills Programmes, which are particularly relevant for vocational students.

We provide work experience in China, catering programmes in China and Thailand, and Health and Beauty courses in Thailand.

These programmes are delivered by experts and with colleges and universities that we have long standing partnerships with.