World City Links provides curriculum and school twinning programmes for schools that are engaging and meaningful and lead to long term viable projects between schools across the world.

Our programmes take place during school holidays and normally last a week or 10 days. Included in the programme is at least three days of learning and visiting a partner school.

World City Links is also a leader in international professional development programmes for teachers, having taken more than 1,500 headteachers and teachers to Beijing, Shanghai, and Bangkok.

Working in partnership with the national and local government partners around the world, we ensure that teachers are engaged in professional development tasks such as teaching in partner schools, holding professional development forums and participating in local teaching conferences.

School students also share lessons and experiences and we provide forums where students can have real dialogue with their host students. Many of these school partnerships have led to ongoing curriculum partnerships between the schools with most using video conferencing and blogs to communicate.

Many Chinese schools also make arrangements to visit their partner school in the UK, which leads to even more exciting events and partnership opportunities. All of these programmes are managed by World City Links and can be delivered at no cost to the school.