Language Assistants

World City Links offers fantastic experiences over five or 10 months in colleges and schools in Thailand – ideal for students who would like to try teaching abroad in a safe and managed environment.

Students do not need to have a formal teaching qualification, simply an enthusiasm for oral English tuition. We have partner colleges in Thailand which recognise that a key weakness in their English language provision is around oral English. As such, the colleges have identified that improving levels of spoken English is an important priority for Thailand as it joins ASEAN.

Our offer differs from other teaching experiences in Thailand in that we continue to manage the placement with the language assistant and the college together. Language assistants receive accommodation from the college or school and a small food allowance to cover basic costs.

This is a transforming experience for participants. Many students have enjoyed the experience so much they stay on in South East Asia to continue being a language assistant for another term, whilst others return to the UK to pursue a career in teaching.

Email a member of our team today for more information about how you can take advantage of one of these exciting opportunities.