Students from the School Attached to Peking University Celebrate their successful week in the UK[/caption]

100 Students and 10 staff from the School Attached to Peking University visited the UK to look for schools to study in the sixth form. The School Attached to Peking University is one of China’s top schools and its students are highly regarded. All the of the students selected had excellent English and were all 14/15 year olds.

Through its schools network, World City Links facilitated visits to 10 schools, all of which looked forward to developing joint curriculum partnerships and longer term recruitment into the sixth form. World City Links showed the prospective students different types of provision, including traditional Boarding Schools, 6th Form Colleges and all through day schools.

The students greatly enjoyed the visits. Junyi “Emily” Xiang, aged 15 , commented ” I really enjoyed the way the English Teachers were so kind with their students and the English students we met were so friendly.  I hope I can study here in the future” .

Leader of the group Mrs Rong said ” The way the English Schools greeted our students was lovely. We leave with such a strong impression of the care and commitment that the English teachers show to their students. It has been a real honour and pleasure to visit these schools, many thanks. I expect some of our students to return to the UK later on” .

Schools that participated in the visit include, Abbey College Cambridge, Croydon High GDST School, Portsmouth High GDST School, St Claire’s College Oxford, Clifton High School Bristol, Huish College Taunton, DLD College London and ACS School Cobham.