Pedro Periera , a year 5 student from Berrymede School in Ealing enjoyed a life changing visit to Beijing China, during October half term 2017. He spent 3 days in a primary school in North Beijing, accompanied by his mum, Headteacher and Class teacher. Pedro was treated like a movie star during his time in the school , lead some English lessons, learnt Chinese and practised basketball and other Chinese sports. Pedro said ” I really enjoyed my visit to Beijing, the Chinese children were so kind and I have many e-mail address” .

His mother Leila added “This visit to China has given Pedro so much confidence and been great for his communication skills. He has come away with lots of  new friends who he keeps in touch with.”

Headteacher Lubna Khan ” We have been visiting our partner school in Beijing many times over the past 10 years and I thoroughly encourage our families to visit. It is great to inspire there education and they go back and hold assemblies where the other children are in awe of their visit to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City as well as the exciting time he had in the school.”