Westminster Kingsway Students learn real Chinese Catering

Level 3 Students from Westminster Kingsway College visited FengTai College in central Beijing for a 40 hour course in Chinese Cuisine. Included in the course were learning Chinese classic dishes such as Kung Po Chicken, Spicy Sichuan Beef and Beijing Duck. The students were impressed by the high level of tuition, the level of detail and the high level of skills needed.

Student Alex Lowe ” The situation was very challenging, different ingredients , different utensils, using a Wok and the sheer heat of the kitchen. However we all rose to the occasion and successfully made all the dishes to the satisfaction of our tutors. ”

Alfie Piper who led the group from World City Links commented that ” the Kingsway students coped very well with the completely different culture and tastes. We had expert tuition led by Chef Wang and for the students the unforgettable experience of visiting the Great Wall.”